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Project Runway Fantasy Draft Week 3 & Catch-up

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Runway is one of my favorite shows, and I've loved it ever since the first season aired on Bravo. This year me and my good pal Sharon decided to do a PR draft game. We're playing it pretty loose, changing up the rules whenever we want but I decided to post it here in case anyone else is watching this season. 

Here are me and Sharon's Rulebook:

1.) Contestant in top three +5
2,) Contestant in bottom -5
3,) Contestant wins +10
4.) When Miao Miao speaks, +10 each (moot point but we love Miao Miao! =) )
5.) To switch a player, you have to trade two for them
6.) Tim says he's impressed or wow'ed +1
7.) Models ya ya is exposed -4
8.) Saved by Tim Gunn +10

My team is Team Fun Nut (in honor of Haniamo who I neglected to pick):

Sharon's teams name is pending still, too many Gunn puns :)

We let each other pick 6 designers, with the stipulation that we had to narrow it down to once the cast got cut to the top 6. 

At the start of episode 3 our teams stood at:
Team Fun Nut

Team G

Live Recap Episode 3:
Team challenge here we come! The opening recap is making us sad at both our loss of David. Really wish he could have stepped up or kept his original design. 

This ship is awesome, but they should have dressed Tim in a sailor hat or something. Sharon agrees he would have been adorable. Now we're picturing Miao Miao in a sailor hat too....what a fun nut.

Kelly looks so much better without that top knot hairdo. I've been waiting to see what her hair looks like down.

Button bag of doom!

Uh oh, Sharon has Amanda and Gabby, so we're hoping they don't sink together!
Annnnd there is Ashley and Candice for me, fingers crossed for a super team combo bonus.

Lindsay and Jake glasses!

Laurie and Swapnil pick India...surprise surprise.

I'm soooo not team Blake and Sharon is. He just needs to take it down a notch to me. Show me how fabulous you are instead of proclaiming it all the time.

Merline and Joe,...this is going to be a shit storm.  Joe can't even say her name correctly, he keeps saying MAR-len. But now I'm questioning how to really say her name.

This food is making me hungry. Thank god Sharon provided the snacks tonight which included a bag of Ghiradeli chocolates as big as my head! 

Sharon is constantly wishing she had picked Edmund, but she picked Blake instead. We'll see how that plays out.

But not too India Swappy!

Sharon admires Joe for being upfront about him being sometimes annoyed by Merline and asking her to play it chill. Agree. 

Tim appears!

Why don't they get to GO to mood, not just shop the closet?

Jake is such a negative nancy. I hate when people aren't open on PR, AND being condescending! I hate when people use endearments! 

Poor Edmund, I thought he and Miao Miao would be ok but they really do have different styles. Miao Miao explodes!!!!

New song "Trust my gut, trust my gut". I totally agree with Candice! Abandon Challenge tame Marline. 

Miao is not excited that Tim is siding with Edmund. 

Mumsy Joe & Merline. Unleash the Merline!! 

Classic Tim: You've just found the secret sauce!

I would sooner die too, Jake. 
Let’s play where’s the crotch! Poor Ashley. 

Why can't designers respect each other? You're on Project Runway! Step it up!

Well this is awkward Miao Miao. Stop riding your mannequin. 

This is a painful challenge. 

Jake you gave up forever ago. Lindsay is trying to make it work.

OH SNAP. Edmund making a second suit! Miao goes into the bathroom! To her point, Edmund has immunity, if they are in the bottom and she’s facing going home, she probably wants to be the one to back it up. 

I teared up at Laurie tearing up at the guest judge! Cuteness! 

Ashley and Candice – cute but weird fit. Those pants…hmm…
Swap and Laurie – Those pants are a little baggy butt
Jake and Lindsay -  great colors but a lot is going on.
Joe and Merline – boring. How does it say St. Petersburg? Sharon says she looks like Meryl Streep.
Miao and Edmund – that middles a mess, it’s a lot. Sharon disagrees. 
Amanda and Gabby -  like. Fresh. Fit a little strange but mostly yes. 
Blake and  Kelly – Beautiful. Love love. Sharon 

Can't believe Blake & Kelly are only safe!

These full house movie commercials are killing me.

Ashley & Candice – We love each other so can we both win?
Laurie & Swapnil – Laurie is soooo happy the guest judge stood up for her pants.
Jake & Lindsay - Akkwardd Jake and Lindsay. Love Zac’s face during their who did what speech. 

Edmund & Hanmiao – sad face on everything. 
Merline & Joe – Joe trying to throw Merline under the bus is upsetting. I’m very surprised that Merline isn’t saying immediately he needs to go home. 
Gabrielle & Amanda – Thanks Nina for the Side Mullet.

I think: Ashley & Candice top, Miao goes home
Sharon’s Pick: Laurie & Swap top, Miao goes home. 

Won: Candice & Ashley! Surprise two winners
Adios: Hanmiao =( =( 

Very sad to see her go. I will miss my fun nut. 

Points for the episode:

Fun Nut:
Amanda= -5
Ashley = +5, +10
Candice = +5, +10
Merline = -5, 
Lindsey= +5
+2 for picks
27 points

Team G
Amanda= -5
Candice = +5, +10
Gabrielle= -5
Laurie= +5
+1 for picks
11 points

standings (non inclusive of episode one, because we wanted to see their first show)
Team Fun Nut: E1 - 0, E2- -10, E3 - 27 = 17 points
Team G: E1 - 0, E2 - 5, E3 - 11 = 16 points

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