Thursday, August 27, 2015

Project Runway Fantasy Draft Week 4

So the challenge today is to merge New York’s iconic architecture, with one of fashions iconic designs. It’s also the Mary Kay challenge, which feels weird to me because they use Mary Kay every week and this isn't anything crazy. We'll see...

This fish guy is my episode highlight. Throw a fish on Blake! (Sorry Sharon)

Finally a trip to Mood! Hi Swatch!

Mood is overwhelming. Is there an assistant for every contestant?

Back in the workroom, Blake doesn’t know how to tell time? Lindsay thinks it’s playing dumb, but is it?

Gabby wants to wait for Tim before she starts sewing which seems like a strange thing to do.

Amanda has a breakdownnnnn. When you start sewing only for the judges you fail hard. I dislike 
how shes trying to put down other designers in the process though. Calling Candice mediocre made me want to hit her.

To be honest, my computer took a dump here so I am missing all my thoughts up until Blake. =(

Blake: Tim uses the word “baffled” which has never bode well for any contestant.

Tim says there is great energy in the room, but I feel like half the designers are having a meltdown.

Candice talking about how she likes Kelly made my heart happy.

+ a million for Swap trying to find his models butt crack.

Everything about Jake bothers me.

Can anyone tell me how Lifetime deals with the models? Bravo used to have the designers pick based on their performance and they could switch based on the button bag. 

Edmund's decision to ditch his jumpsuit makes me sad. Jacket and skirt seems boring.

It seems like a lot of designers had trouble picking fabrics at mood, which is worrisome because knowing your fabrics is a 101 basic.

So far I’m not a fan of Swapnil’s dress. Those straps kind of ruined it.

Gabby is having a bad day. Get it together girl.

Edmund's model is so beautiful. I mean they all are but, dang.

Bleeding on your dress probably isn’t good.

I feel like Lindsay would design for TSwift for her everyday looks.

Jake's look, omg, why.

Time for the runway!
Blake – Poor construction, she looks like she has a handle on her back where someone can pick her up.

Kelly - I really liked her idea for a revamped white t-shirt but I don’t know about the rest of the styling.

Joseph - BORRRRRING. You can literally buy that dress now anywhere.

Lindsay – Seems like a weird combo. I think the look needs more editing or a change in colors or patterns.

Ashely – the details look interesting, but it’s kind of boring.

Laurie – that’s a lot going on

Jake - “a look that’s not for everyone”, a look for hookers, Jake?

Amanda – she looks a little preggo, and sad.

Swap – weird fit, I think the neck should have been a halter and that would have eliminated those straps.

Merline - hmmmm, I don’t know what to think. I need to see the details of the coat.

Gabrielle – bad dress, cute, but somewhat predictable, coat

Candice - I wish she would have kept the coat on! Love the coat

Edmund – interesting, but weird keyhole cutout.

I am VERY interested/confused by this round of safe people!  I agree with Laurie, who’s left in the top and bottom!

I’m SO surprised that Blake is on the top. I like the front, but the back seems strange, especially under her bum.

I still hate those straps Swap.

Lindsay’s person has a split personality, she’s going

A smidgen of pink that no one ever saw. I agree with the judges, it seems weird and sad Gabby. I’m sorry. There’s the mumsy word again! I need a counter for that word….

Amanda, three in the bottom! Dang.  Another bad “M” word, not a maternity challenge.

Candice I love you! I hate that Amanda tried to call her out before, she’s human - she can be strong  or sad or fierce or whatever she wants!

Omg Gabrielle’s dress in Close Looks, that back is a mess!

My picks – Candice to win, Gabrielle to go home.
Sharon- is out of town! So her picks will be tabulated in next week.

Winner – Blake.
Auf Wiedersehen – Gabrielle

Team Fun Nut:
Amanda -5
Candice +5
Lindsey – 5
Net +5, plus picked correct loser, +1

Team Gunn:
Amanda -5
Blake + 5, + 10
Candice + 5
Gabrielle – 5 - 10
Net: 0, pending picks

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6 = 23 points

Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0 = 16 points

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