Monday, September 28, 2015

Jams of the Week - 9/28/15

Hola! I hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was pretty chill. First jam of the weekend recap is 

Electric Love - BØRNS

Second is the total Bro Sammy Adams. His songs are kind of perfect to me for partying, I don't take it too seriously =) Kind of like Asher Roth before he tried to get real hood.

All Night Longer - Sammy Adams

Last is my favorite new power jam, I loveee Daya's voice and I can't wait to listen to the rest of her songs.
Hide Away - Daya

"Girls seem to like the boys/
Who don't appreciate/
All the money and the time that it takes/
To be fly as a mother"

My goal for next week is post these on Friday night BEFORE the weekend. I always forget to post them on Sunday night. whoops. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bingeworthy: The Great British Baking Show

Sunday is Great British Baking Show day! This is my second year watching and I'm obsessed. The shows selects from amongst its contestants the best amateur baker. There are a ton of messes, a ton of unexpected wonderful things, and overall it is a really fun show to watch.

Things that rock:

The hosts and judges - The show has two judges: cookery writer Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood, and two hosts, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. There's something to be said for hosts and judges staying the same every week. When they really like something, you can tell the bakers want to fly away in happiness. When they don't like something, they really explain why. You can't hide anything from them, and I think their feedback from each challenge makes them into better bakers (which honestly should be the point of all baking shows!). The hosts are witty and clever, and sometimes even jump in to help lift something or lend a quick hand. They too, just want everyone to do well, and to only go home because they didn't do as well as someone else. 

I mean doesn't that sound awesome?!?!?!

The shows format - Each show the bakers get three chances to impress the judges . These three challenges are then each taken into consideration of who goes home, with the last challenge weighted most heavily.  The first two are quicker two hour challenges that take place in one day.The third day is the big showpiece challenge.  The first and third challenges they get to practice at home and bring recipes and then the second short challenge is the technical challenge where they have to read a recipe with little to no direction. In addition, each episode has a theme. The one I'm watching today is my favorite, pie =) Another favorite of mine is the photos they show of what each baker is going to try to make (see above). Best bonus - no commercials! Thanks PBS.

The bakers - They're so different and unique! You have bakers of all ages, genders and etc. They consistently drop great lines that make you laugh and wish you were there in that tent with them. In between each challenge their interviews make you want to be their friend. Even though I have a favorite or two, I often root for everyone, because they're all so nice. They often help each other and I like that spirit more than letting someone sink. One of my favorite bakers is still in school and does her practicing in her dorm room. 

Last seasons final three

True life connection -  I love this show because it honestly shows how hard it can be to do the most simple things as a baker.  I've also learned so much about pastry outside the US. Last season they had hot water crust and I had never heard of it before. The idea of making a pastry crust which normally needs to be ice cold with hot water blew my mind. I think everything about the show is well done and I need to find a way to try and watch the first four seasons I didn't see! 

If you'd like to watch, you can see The Great British Baking Show on PBS at 7pm (central time). 

Get ready, set, BAKE!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Project Runway Week 8

Heya guys =) I'm glad it's finally project runway time. Why do Thursdays always drain the life outta me? thank god for Tim Gunn!

I love the shots of them in their tiny hotel rooms. I would hate to be the person who sleeps in the living room. 

Broadddwayyyy! I hope its couture! 

Thank you Mathew for noticing the womens reign!

Does he play the Johnny Depp character? I never saw the movie...

I applaud Ashelys ability to keep up with her non purple roots.

The challenge is you can do anything! ANYTHING! ALL THE THINGS!
Ashley is already out-thinking herself. 

I think I need a drinking game for every time Kelly brings up the deli she works in. 

I'm surprised so many people cried? I need to see this now. 

I'm glad their back at Mood finally! I like when they get to pick the fabrics. 

bahahah Tim - "I dream in black and white...with shades of grey"

I like when Ashley works in purple and it matches her hair

WOW everyone is going deep this challenge. I hope that makes everyone "make it work" extra hard

omg and Kelly was inspired by the bathroom walls....

I need a gif of the face Lindsay just made at the others singing.

OH GOD TIM JUST SAY IT WHAT IS IT!?! Damn commercials. 

woot! go Kelly. Truth bomb Tim, that was a real truth bomb. Make it work!

I love the way Swap says tartans.

and Candice is doing a leather outfit again...

Laurie is adorable. Except she just said tube top. 

via x

Why are you making gloves you weirdo. well OK, I guess Merline loves them. But then she made that noise....

I think Merline's losing her mind.


Work at 100%  Swap. Go for the win!

Kelly's could go weird but I think she cans style it.

I think everyone is overthinking it. 

If Ashley makes it work it could look very well done.

Tim is so confused by Laurie's look. As am I Tim, as am I. "beat back the old lady!"

Laurie really doesn't take any criticism. Whomp. 

I wonder if Lindsay is going to kill this challenge...I want her to do more so I can see where she's going.

Edmund - wut. Purple bubble. 

Candice you keep an eye on that white.

hahhah lets keep Tim in Kelly's fanny pack. 

Laurie's look is confusing me.

Candice looks almost done.

"What are hot pants?" bahahaha cootiche cutters whatttt I can't even spell that. 

"one-fifty" percent Swap. 

Yeah,...Lindsay you should start to sew that together. 

DO like, that jacket thingy Candice. 

This morning I feel like no one is ready. Maybe Candice. 

Laurie Laurie Laurie. omg. omg. 
OMG. It's so bad. so bad. The more I look the worse it is. 

I like how Edmond's model's makeup matches her cloud vest. Fierce. 

What they have the same birthday! Lindsay and Kelly = BFFS. 

Time for the Runway!

wut. who is that model and why is that her name. Does her name mean cockroach in Spanish?

Swap - I don't know if I like the two fabrics together
Ashley - I like the bottom (besides the hem) but the top is badddd.
Candice - a lot going on but a full look I think I like. 
Kelly - I love that green color, I think it stayed young. 
Laurie - wut. why, I don't understand.  like homeless channel
Merline- the shoulders are such a great touch to what seems a classic dress. 
Lindsay - looks a little maternity...I don't like the square top line
Edmond - what a bubble! but those pants are so nice.

via x

Whenever the judges talk I always align with Nina. 

Can we talk about how that top Laurie made is made from $110 fabric also?? like half her budget on that mess. 

Lindsay's dress does seem super boring. 

Candice I think did the most work and make the best outfit.

Laurie's just confuses me.

via x 

My pick to win - Candice
My pick to leave -Laurie

Sharon's in Puerto Rico! So no picks for her =(

via x 

Winner – Candice
Auf Wiedersehen –  Lindsay

Team Fun Nut:
Ashley - 5 
Candice +5, +10
Marlene  - Safe
Lindsey -5, -10
Net: -5

Team Gunn:
Candice +5, +10
Laurie -5, -5 for boobs and butt out!
Net: +5

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25, E6 +20, E7 0, E8 -5 = 12
Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20, E6 -20, E7 0, E8 5 = -19

via x 

Laurie is crying at me and Sharon's lack of points. Whomp!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Much Needed Wisdom

Sometimes I get really down in the dumps about my life choices. What I should do, shouldn't do, mistakes I think I made, etc. Today I found an old Dear Sugar post and it just fit perfectly with how I feel lately. If you've never read Dear Sugar, it's kind of like Dear Abby, but a little more emotional (I think at least). Here's my favorite quote from the article, but I urge you to read the whole piece here

"You don’t have to get a job that makes others feel comfortable about what they perceive as your success. You don’t have to explain what you plan to do with your life. You don’t have to justify your education by demonstrating its financial rewards. You don’t have to maintain an impeccable credit score. Anyone who expects you to do any of those things has no sense of history or economics or science or the arts.

You have to pay your own electric bill. You have to be kind. You have to give it all you got. You have to find people who love you truly and love them back with the same truth.

But that’s all."

Monday, September 21, 2015

Jams of the Weekend 9/20/15

Just two fun jams for this weekend, let's start this off with some Matthew McConaughey just for kicks

Butch Walker and the Black Widows - Synthesizers

"I don't have any friends at Pitchfork or NME
No sexy heroin addiction plaguing me
But I can still get down like
Frank Poncherello on a motor bike... that's right"

Bryce Vine - Sour Patch Kids

"I don’t wanna worry bout nothin' for a while, 
I just wanna play around livin’ like a child
With old tunes jammin on my Walkman, 
and some Sour Patch Kids and a Coke can"

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Project Runway Draft Week 7

Heya. After a long crappy workday thank god it’s Project Runway time!

That is an epic boombox. I can’t believe they went through the process of putting Heidi on cassette tape.
Unconventional materials challenge! I like the tech twist. My favorite is still the flowers or the candy ones in past seasons.
These are some great 80’s special effects they’re adding here.
Hahah Tim says “Go” and everyone just like meanders over lol  they’re so over running.
Flip flop floppy disks.
Are there people watching this episode who don’t know what some of these things are? That’s sad and/or scary!
I love how Kelly is wearing safety glasses in her interviews
Ridin’ Dirty with some stolen outdated tech, file that under things the producers made them do for no reason.
I want Kelly to kill this challenge.
HAHA get it Swap!
OH MAN. Jake wants a word with Tim.
Awwwwwww crap I feel so bad. I cried. Losing your dog is the end of the world. Literally.  I would leave too. I mean wow I would cycle down in sadness after leaving the amazing PR but your dog is your dog! =(

Back to the challenge and time for Tim!
Share the fun with Tim aww he’s adorable.
Candice’s dress seems simple.
I want Ashley’s idea to work!
Kelly’s armor is a great idea, lolz at Tim using big words.
Evolve like a Pokemon Edmond!
Merline’s outfit looks like an evil villain. Make it epic.
No comment on Joe. He’s just the worst.
Laurie make it work! I love you please stay.
No muslin Swap. Make it work.

I love Swaps outfit today.
I’m glad Laurie is seeing what Tim said, he’s always trying to help them and sometimes I think designers think he’s just being critical for no reason.
I love Ashely, but for curvy girls everywhere I want here to get it together! You made it to the top 10 on season 14 of project runway! Get it!
Lindsay’s in a bad relationship with the judges.
Kelly is so epic! So, so cool!
Swap is not working too hard today. I wonder if he’ll be in the bottom and then abandon his plan to be safe.
Dang, “there’s not much I could do at this point” makes me mad because he wasted so much time and isn’t hustling!
I like so many of the looks but I also don’t know which ones are innovative enough.

Time for the Runway!
That’s quite a necklace Heidi.
I have no idea who Paula Patton is.

Swap – I don’t think the effect works.
Edmond – I love the fringe
Lindsay- I like the keys a lot.
Candice – it’s so stiff, it’s strong but simple/safe?
Laurie – seems unflattering to the models bod.
Kelly – such a cool pattern! I love it.
Merline – I like that it’s different, immunity should be used like this.
Joe – Eh. I don’t know. It’s whatever. I’m biased.
Ashely – LOVE the shape and the pattern!  Can she and Kelly both win? Yes please.

Edmond – I agree with Nina: current, modern, wearable. Creating texture is always good.
Joe – simple safe dress. Trying to pacify the judging never works, be inspired and support you ideas. Trying to be sexy just to be sexy was a dumb move.
Swap – wow, I just noticed that tape? Up close it looks a hot mess. Bad move with the muslin.
Ashley – “a dress made of memories” love, love, love it! Hold it together gurlll.
Kelly – she did so amazing on the textile, no lines are off, it’s perfect.
Lindsay – I think her biggest problem is there was no transformation to her items.
Swapniel Juice? Oh god. No thanks Zac.
I don’t think its rude Lindsay, they were very constructive. It’s literally their job.
Here comes Zac with his inappropriate touching.

Winner – Kelly!
Auf Wiedersehen – Joseph

Team Fun Nut:
Ashley +5
Candice - Safe
Marlene  - Safe
Lindsey -5
Net: 0

Team Gunn:
Candice - Safe
Laurie - Safe
Net: 0

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25, E6 +20, E7 0 = 17
Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20, E6 -20, E7 0 = -24
Same as last week due to all zeroes!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jams of the Weekend: 9/13/15

Hola! I hope you guys had great weekends. We had awesome weather in Wisco that feels like fall and I love it. I got my first caramel apple of the season and it was delish! Anyways the first song for the weekend, is "Weekend". Sorry for the weird frame before you play, just lookin' at those two making out, no biggie. Also can we talk about those awesome roller skating moves??

Priory - Weekend

From that party jam to a slow jam: I heard "Burning House" on the radio for the first time and I literally got chills. I love the violins at the end too. I heard on the radio she wrote this after waking up from a vivid dream that became the premise for the song. I wish I could take my crazy dreams and turn them into awesome songs. 

Burning House - Cam

Last but not least, since hearing it on the radio I cannot get this song out of my head! It's as catchy and awesome as "Can't Feel My Face", it's called "The Hills" by The Weekend. Too bad "Burning House" wasn't weekend themed....

The Hills - The Weekend

Friday, September 11, 2015

Project Runway Draft Week 6

Hola and welcome to week six. I was tardy to the party, and got to watching just after the first commercial. I've gathered it's the lingerie challenge, and at stake is getting to be in Heidi's collection. Whoop! I've also missed Lindsay killing her hand. Anyways, apparently it's just a flesh wound! Lindsay’s back!

via x

Time for talks with Tim.
Hey Heidi, I love when she comes in because she scares everyone.
Big ha ha at the blank stares from Heidi.
Captain A-tacky, sorry Edmond.
Oh snap Tim, I think Edmond is better than hookers.
Panties are hard.
Princess Blakey. Sex it up.  No one wants their boobs “dangling around”
This critique is so awesome.
"More boobs, less bra” thanks Heidi
Damn, that was a great analogy Tim. Pesto sauce, Swap.

via x

Is this a harem? I love this. Is Tim going to put on jammies?
Bad news: TWIST! Another piece, sexy cover-up yaassss.
Good news: more time. You can even sleep here! I love this. Someone get Candice her jammies!
“Begerly” Swap.
"Or should I use this color?" Candice does not like that Lindsay. I need a gif of that reaction.
Blake looks like princess Zelda in that sleep cap.
Can we take a vote of who actually knows what a vagina looks like?
Poor Jake’s model, she got dumped this week. She just wants to eat ice cream and instead she has to parade around in a thong.
Love Merline is the hammock.I'd pick to sleep there.

He has a pocket square FOR HIS JAMMIES
I hope Blake rolls off the runway in his sleep hahahaha with those silk sheets! Divaaaaa.

What time is Tim waking them up here?
Joe looks like death.
Lindsay’s like please go away.
Everyone looks horrible. I love and hate this challenge. Times like this I hate how hard they make it for them, even though I love it at the same time.
Holy straps Swap.
I’m not going to lie; makeup time is my least favorite time. Boring. They need to do an out of this world crazy makeups challenge.
They are all soooo behind. Give them more time PR!
These cover-ups are so sad and pathetic.
I am so nervous.

Swap - weird pulling, for me too complicated
Ashely - cute, I like the colors
Jake – Boring. Boring. Boring.
Edmond – whats with that beige patches???
Lindsay - good colors, I like the shorts
Candice – weird green top thingy, interesting garter ties
Joe - boring? Weird
Merline - nudeeeey. Too tiny cups?
Blake - those undies omg. Omg omg omg so bad those cups.
Laurie -  whats with those panties. I love the top but whyyyy on the crotch
Kellys - great fit, love it. Athletic almost?

via x

I really thought Kelly was going to be in the top!
Swap – showstopper for sure. I agree with Nina’s critique most, not super practical but if it’s only for bedroom fun times whatvs. Effective for runway, yes Zac.
Laurie – what I thought, love the top hate the bottoms.
Merline – I’m surprised how much they like it, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.
Jake – if it looks bad on a size two imagine a 7 or 8!
Blake – French lolz. Poor Princess Blakey.
Ashley – loves it. This Bella Thorne person is nit picking to try and be a super judge. Go away.

Winner - MERLINE WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Who saw that coming?!?! I'd post the pic, butttttt it's pretty nsfw.

Auf Wiedersehen - Princess Blakey.

Side note: we're not counting the leaving the model exposed rule this time, due to them all being exposed.

Team Fun Nut:
Ashley +5
Candice - Safe
Marlene  +5 + 10
Lindsey Safe
Net: +20

Team Gunn:
Blake -5, - 10
Candice - Safe
Laurie - 5
Net: -20

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25, E6 +20 = 17

Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20, E6 -20 = -24....whomp Sharon! we need Candice to pick up some slack!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Movies That Rock: The Brothers Bloom

I hope you all had an awesome Labor Day weekend! I went up north with my family and hung out for a few days. We got home late last night and I felt kinda cruddy, which led to me being up all night throwing up. Hoorah. On a positive note my favorite movie of all time was on HBO so I just watched it while downing Gatorade and saltines, and now I feel like sharing how awesome it is!

via x

The movie is based on brothers Stephen (played by Mark Ruffalo, Swoon) and Bloom (played by Adrien Brody). Pushed around foster homes as kids the two quickly learned how to con and con well, creating a vivid and creative life. Stephen is always the mastermind who adds in every detail of the story, mostly focused around Bloom. As adults they work their way to the top of the con world joined by their mysterious explosives expert named Bang Bang, played by the awesome Rinko Kikuchi (a la Pacific Rim). When we meet the three Bloom has decided he is weary of a "written life" and wants to strike out on his own and create his own identity in the real world. His brother convinces him to do one last job and Bloom reluctantly agrees, because really, he could never said no to anything Stephen says.

via x

Their mark is a shut in, eccentric, lonely and beautiful New Jersey heiress, Penelope Stamp. Stamp is played by the wonderful Rachel Weisz. Penelope's primary past-time in life is to, as she calls it, "borrow hobbies": when she sees something she likes, she learns how to do it solely through reading books. She has never left her house in New Jersey, so when the brothers arrive, she falls for their con immediately. Although, con or not, anything to get her out of her shut-in life is motivation enough for her.

via x

The con is simple, to sweep Penelope off her feet in an adventure smuggling stolen antiques while winding through Greece, Prague, and Mexico. They enlist the help of crazy characters along the way, one being Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid yay!) During the con they encounter a slew of problems, but my favorite is Penelope herself. She's unpredictable, adorable, and my absolute favorite part of the Brothers Bloom. The end leaves you wondering who's actually coning who.

The cinematography is beautiful and the lines are amazing.  I highly recommend you go watch it right now. Like right now.

I'll leave you with this:

"This was a story about a girl who could find infinite beauty in anything, any little thing, and even love the person she was trapped with. And I told myself this story until it became true. Now, did doing this help me escape a wasted life? Or did it blind me so I didn't want to escape it? I don't know, but either way I was the one telling my own story..."

Friday, September 4, 2015

Project Runway Fantasy Draft Week 5

via X

Welcome to episode five recap! This episode we find out will begin with a game of paintball to get the fabrics used for this challenge. I'm enjoying Tim Gunn with a gun, so punny. Teams are chosen by two leaders, Blake gets to pick for team one first since he won last week and Candice gets to pick first for team two because Heidi pulls her from the button bag. Here's my as it happens recap from there:

So everyone has picked and Ashley and Marline are left. I too, am shocked Heidi! Ashley has proven how strong she is. Marline is also pretty strong so I’m surprised she’s last too.
I want to play paintball with Tim.
Those red bandannas are so cute.
This is kind of a stupid way for them to gather their fabric. I really think this was one of those "we have no ideas for this week so lets just wing it!" kind of weeks.
Did the girls team only have girly colors to chose from? Why weren’t there more colors?
Tim just told them to “get the lead out”. Love it
TWIST!!!!!!!!!!! The material is what you’re wearing!
Tim is killing this episode! Oh snap!
I really hope the girls pull this together. 
The Boys + Marline pick to use the fifties as inspiration. That should be easy for boring Joe.
UGH Ashley don’t let yourself get down! This episode is overwhelming me.
There needs to be a leader or an idea, you can’t just be a five year old throwing paint.
I think Amanda is going to annoy me this challenge because she’s trying to come back from being the “underdog” and Candice has decided to be her hero and help save her. Why???
At least the boys + Marline have a good team mentality, that should help.
Candice is overstepping, rein yourself in girl. Let designers design!
Tim’s here! Marline + the boys need a team name. Imma go with team fifties.
Tim again with the zinger! Be very afraid Ashley.
Amanda is like the most popular girl is schools best friend in movies, she just agrees and nods her head when Candice talks. 
Thanks Sally Nails for this needed time picking a color outside.  Why did the girls pick gold?
I feel like Jake should stop painting now. Things need to dry. 
Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, you’re killing me. If you go home for having made something you hate, it’s because you made it. That’s how this show works. Duh.
Team fifties is all the same color, but it’s kinda ugly. I need to see the pieces up close.
OK now it’s day of runway and they’re still painting! Bad idea! I can’t believe they even painted the shoes. Whoops.
OMG. Laurie thank god looking out for Ashley. I like her and Ashley. Keep it together on the runway please, please.

Time for the show!
Blake: clean, interesting line on the stomach, but I don’t hate it.
Joe: dislike the belt/ middle area.
Swap; love and hate it. Hate the bottom hem’s droop. Reminds me of a diaper.
Jake: actually like it. Fun shape and cape
Merline: I think her colors are best, and great fit.
Edmond: simple silhouette, I like it.
Ashley: weird, weird, weird.  Tim looks unhappy. What's with those ruffles?
Laurie: hard to tell the details on the runway
Lindsay: hate the pants. Like the jacket.
Candice: messy. ambitious, but messy.
Kelly: looks a little crafty/homemade costume-y.
Amanda: I like the flow of that back piece. but it's kind of boring.

via X

Team Fifties is the winner!
It’s nice for Edmond to say nice things about the team. 
Nice corset Swap! That’s smart.
I wonder how they’ll pick the winner for Team fifties.
Now it’s time for the ladies.
Candice let everyone speak.
YAS Laurie.
No Candice.
Don’t say there was a vision if there wasn’t. Amanda is in side henchman mode again.
You can’t BS the judges.  They know everythingggg.
Again, YAS Laurie. Mean girls vs nice girls right now.
Kelly O is really letting them have it, honestly she's not wrong.
Damn Kelly, I thought you wouldn’t say Ashley. I don’t know.
Kelly O should be a judge all the time! Too bad she messed up on fashion police with the Zendaya thing. She was very critical, but in a great way.
Blake called them mean girls! Way to go! This is the only time I’ve liked him this season.  And he’s the youngest and supposedly least mature. Wowza.

My picks: Amanda is going to go home, and Edmond will win.
Sharon's picks: -------

Winner –  Edmond

via X

Auf Wiedersehen – Amanda

Side note: I'm counting all of the girls team as the bottom, because the judges loved all of Team Fifties. Sharon and I didn't watch this episode together so I'm also discarding the points for predicting the winner and loser to keep it even. 

Team Fun Nut:
Amanda – 5, - 10
Ashley -5
Candice - 5
Marlene  +5
Lindsey – 5
Net: - 25

Team Gunn:
Amanda – 5, - 10
Blake + 5
Candice -5
Laurie -5
Net: - 20

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25 = -3

Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20 = -4

Our fantasy choices are going horrible! We're both negative. Get it together us! lol =)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bingeworthy: Who is the Mole?

I'm always down for binge watching my favorite shows. The best of all time is, hands down, MTV's the Challenge. A very close second is ABC's the Mole. The Mole hasn't aired since 2005 which was, insanely to me, ten years ago! The basis of the show is this:
There are 14 players who have never met, chosen to travel and complete challenges for money. However, there is one player acting as a saboteur, trying to keep money from the pot. Every episode players compete to add money to the pot, and then take a 10-question quiz that tests the players knowledge of the Mole’s identity. The player who gets the least amount of questions right is ‘executed’ and must leave the game immediately. The last player remaining then wins all of the money accumulated into the group pot.

Reasons for awesome:

#1: The hosts are amazing. The show started off with a sassy Anderson Cooper for two seasons. Check out that smolder.

via X

after Anderson came Ahmad Rashād and then Jon Kelley.  Also experts in sass.

via X
Jon explains to the players that they need to jump over a waterfall for this bag that could be money, or could be nothing. 

#2: The cast, to me, were some of the most real original crazy characters. When the show started it was similar to early Survivor or The Real World in the way that people didn't really care what they wore, or how perfect their makeup was. They were still pretty "real". The Mole also casts people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and genders.

via X
The first challenge, still slightly trusting of each other, season two.

#3: Producers did some crazy stuff! Especially for the early 2000's. 80% of challenges involved the contestants looking dumb and being surrounded by people who all speak a foreign language. Contestants really never knew what was going to happen next. 

#4: Celebrity versions! The third and fourth seasons featured celebrity contestants instead of average citizens. My favorites included Dennis Rodman, Kathy Griffin, and hottie Eric Von Detten from my childhood favorite movie: Brink!

via X

#5: The game itself was new and original. It was something you hadn't seen on TV before. If you were smart, you had some advantages in quiz taking, but even then you still had to guess 90% of the time. Quizzes made the players take notes about everything including the color of the Mole's pants, the order in which you were standing, or if someone drank wine at dinner. Some seasons the producers would then burn the journals you were keeping these much needed notes in or make you trade with another player, leaving you with what you could remember.

via X
Paul remembers nothing, but knows who the Mole is! Lucky Paul.

Random Mole trivia I found while writing this: Season 2 premiered on September 28th 2001 and was taken off the schedule after 3 episodes due to the mood of the country post 9-11 and poor ratings. It then returned in June 2002 with the first 4 episodes shown in 2 hour blocks on successive days to get the audience caught up. The reunion show at the end is held a year after the show finished filming.

If you're a fan of the Amazing Race, you'll probably love the Mole. Travel is a huge part of the game and they go to great places. You can buy the first season and the third season on DVD, but sadly the rest you have to search YouTube for. I barely have the full collection via the internet but it's taken me a long time. The Mole however, is very very worth the trouble.