Monday, October 12, 2015

Book Club Review: Far Far Away – Tom McNeal

“This is the strange and fateful tale or a boy, a girl, and an ancient ghost.”

Far Far Away begins with the meeting of our story teller, the ghost apparition of Jacob Grimm, of the famous brothers Grimm. Jacob is stuck in “Zwischenraum”, which translates to the space between. It’s his own personal hell he cannot escape until he discovers what’s holding him, his “the thing undone; unknown yet unmet desire.” In his travels to discover what that thing is, he meets Jeremy Johnson Johnson, an “Exceptional” who can hear ghosts talking. Jacob is led to Jeremy by a ghost he encounters in his travels. The ghost tells him of the boy who can hear ghosts, and also his knowledge of a man in the same town who is a “Finder of Occasions” who would bring harm to that boy without leaving any trace. Jacob sets off to find the Jeremy in the town of Never Better.  

When Jacob meets Jeremy is a sort of town weirdo. At a young age he told people about the voices he could hear, and they thought he was crazy. In addition his mother has abandoned him and his father, leaving his father destroyed and unable to leave his bedroom. He retreats to his attic hideaway filled with fairy tales his mother left him. Jacob and Jeremy quickly bond and Jacob swears to protect Jeremy and find the Finder of Occasions. Jacob helps Jeremy study and live a quiet life until one day Ginger Boultinghouse enters the picture. Ginger encourages Jeremy to get out and have adventures, which sets into motion Jeremy’s own person fairy tale.

I really liked this book, because it wasn’t predicable to me. Jacob Grimm kept me waiting to see what would happen next, and the romance/friendship between Ginger and Jeremy wasn’t overdone. Fairy tales are always a plus to me, and besides that another main character is the town baker, so I was excited. It’s hard to talk about what else happens without giving anything away, but trust me when I say this is a great read. 

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