Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Harry Potter Awesome Art Roundup Part 1

Heya. So this week I stumbled upon some super awesome Harry Potter artwork so I thought I'd share. First off, I am in love with these gifs. Look at cute Ron and Hermoine sleepin' and Harry creepily staring at them.

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this one is all the feels. rip jily. 

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Next up are these awesome character portraits. I love love love all the details. She did a TON of characters and even some wizarding world places. I love her drawing style. 

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I LOVE this Harry and Ron checking out the trolley. It looks like an awesome comic book version, which I need ASAP. She has one more of Harry going to the burrow that's awesome. Check her out!

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Can we talk about how cute this re-imagined movie poster is? I like how Ron's qudditch breakfast is on there. 

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This burrow is beautiful.  Can they replace those boring dentists office landscapes with this?
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This is the one that got me going on an hours long quest for new HP art, I mean I really hope my patronus is a t-rex, that'd be freaking awesome. 

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Part two of awesome HP art roundup coming soon! I found so many gems I think I might do this weekly/monthly/every stinkin' day? 


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