Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jams of the Weekend - 10-25-15

Hola amigos. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend full of pumpkin spice everything and making the most of a packer free Sunday. 

It's kind of that fall time of the year where I feel anxious about all my decisions and the upcoming holidays, but I also feel weirdly calm because of how beautiful fall in Wisco is. Today's songs are a little more mellow and slow, but I love love them all the same. First is Julien Baker with "Something". Her repetition of something, anything, and anyone made me feel all the feels. Sometimes I get stuck on an idea of who someone is and fixate a little, I've been trying to get better and music helps.

Julien Baker - Something
"I can't think of anyone, anyone else/
I won't think of anyone else"

Wake Me - Bleachers

"Right from the start I knew/
You'd set a fire in me/
and I'd rather be sad with you/
Than anywhere away from you"

and last but not least on this train to soul town

Leave Your Lover - Sam Smith

"What use is money, when you need someone to hold?"

Until next week,

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