Friday, November 6, 2015

Harry Potter Awesome Art Roundup pt 2

Hi hi! It's time for round two of Harry Potter Awesome Art Roundup! 

first off, this room of requirement is beautiful, it has so many details you can stare forever. The room of requirement is one of those HP things I have a million questions about. Like what if two people tried to use it at the same time? How many people knew about it in general? How hard is it to find? I need answers J.K....

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This shot of George breaks my heart, but it's done so well. All the feels, all dem.

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I'm always amazed at what people can make out of paper. I think I can craft pretty well, but then I see awesome things like this, so cool!

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If you're not on Craftster, you need to be. I've been waiting all year to join the Harry Potter Holiday swap and it's finally here! I found this one while looking at previous projects, and I need to figure out how to make it. I mean, I know how to make it, but I need to do it, like yesterday. 

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Some fanfiction led me to some funny Dramonie pictures done by the artist who also did these, and they made me laugh because I love the idea of domestic Draco hanging out with Teddy Lupin. You have to go look at the other ones they did =)

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and one last one for this round, this happy Hagrid makes me happy. It looks like a perfect snapshot of the moment in the book, complete with the sausages Hagrid makes Harry. 

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