Friday, November 20, 2015

Harry Potter Awesome Art Roundup pt 3

Hi hi! Welcome to round three of Harry Potter Awesome Art Roundup! This round I'm doing two per artist, the more the merrier.

So apparently, this artist has JK Rowlings approval that these are close to how she sees the characters!! I mean holy crap, I'd die that's so awesome. First, Lupin and Harry

Love it. She said she made them younger instead of like how old Gary Oldman is, and I love it.

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This one is called "Pajama Party" and I love how Harry is painting Hermione's toes. 

Weasley Family!
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Both of these next ones were done in MS Paint!! Crazy awesome. 

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These notebook doodles are so colorful, the snitch looks beautiful. There are a bunch more, definitely check them out!!

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and lastly, I am in love with the style these professor portraits were done in, they're like comic book characters and the detail is so great.

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