Friday, December 4, 2015

Awesome Art Roundup: Doctor Who

I'm currently on a quest to watch all the modern Doctor Who and my brain is now stuck in Whovian mode, so I think this art round up should be Who themed! I started watching it on a whim a month ago when BBCA was airing a season eight marathon, and then I decided to go back and start with season five, because lets face it, Matt Smith is epic. Eventually I'm going to go back and start with season one, but I really just wanted to see the Eleventh Doctor episodes first. I'm halfway though eight now, and I've already seen all of season nine to come. I have never been more nervous for a finale than season 9!

So anyways! first is one of my favorites, Alice X. Zhang. I've loved her art forever, and when re-finding it for this I found out shes super famous now, and she does the official art licensed by BBC. That's pretty epic. Here are a few of my favorites that are Doctor themed, but she does other things as well (like House Brawl, my favorite =) and the Tangled one).

Wonderful TARDIS. 

Pure joy!

Amy VanGogh style =)

(sorry those are so large, I can't scale them right, internet-ing is hard on blogger...grr...)

Next is  BlueFox, I love her cartoon-y doctors, they're adorable =)

Tens just like, I'm a plane!

the Doctor and Amy first meeting is one of my favorite things, especially when they're trying to figure out what foods he likes. 

Next, I found these Doctor Who printable Doctor ornaments and I am SO going to print them! I can't wait to make a Doctor tree!! Here's the 9,10, and 11, check out the rest on StevenRayBrown's site.

Lastly, I love MeganLara, when I met her at C2E2 I bought soooo many of her prints because they're all awesome! She has Doctor Who, Princesses, COMMUNITY! (YAS), and Harry Potter and so much more. Literally just love all she does (fangirl over). Here are three awesome companion prints of my favorite ladies:

That's all for this roundup, if you see any cool art, feel free to pass it on to me! =)


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