Thursday, January 7, 2016

BBC Doctor Who Fashion Line Review

I have pretty much zero self control when it comes to epic nerdy things. In Community terms, i'm “a level 7 susceptible." A few days before Christmas, I was feeling extra broke when Hot Topic sent me this:

and I may or not have freaked out in the middle of the mall. My mom totally did not understand. The last thing I ordered clothing wise was the HerUniverse Marvel collection, which left me with mixed feelings. That still only made me hesitate for a total of two minutes before clicking "Complete Purchase."

So, here's what I got!

First up, the Eleven outfit. Annoyingly the "capelet" was sold separate. So dress ($74.50) and cape ($58.50) total $133. Yipes.

 The dress fit well and has pockets and adjustable straps. It was a tiny bit big, but I think it will shrink a bit in the wash. I'm not 100% sold on the capelet. It's well made and the lining is a pretty red silk with bow ties patterned on it, but when I wear it, it moves around all over. So I went online and saw a Eleven womens jacket, and I bought that to wear when I want to wear the dress and have sleeves. Ignore how cheesy that stock image is. The jacket is a BBC product also so it still feels like it matches the dress. 

I also got this epic, epic TARDIS coat ($98.50) Yipes again at the price tag, but the coat is pretty cool, and it sold out very shortly after I purchased it. The "pandorica opens" is the lining and it's so beautiful I hate buttoning it up. 

Here's the dress with the coat, you can kind of see the patterning on the skirt which is TARDIS blueprints =)

I also got on a different order the Galaxy Dress ($58.50). It's a nice dress and I love the collar and flying TARDIS, but I eventually returned it because I didn't love it as much as the Eleven Dress or Coat. If you had to choose one item at a lower price point I would recommend this dress, especially because it's almost always on sale.

Lastly, you always need the perfect accessories to go with the outfit, so I found TARDIS earrings and a bow-tie/fez necklace at Hot Topic. Check out that sweet coat embroidery! 

I've had good and bad experiences with Hot Topic womens clothing, but I would say this line was really well done. The prices could have been lower, but at least the items are great quality. 

Two thumbs up, and I would recommend these to any Whovian =)

Did anyone else buy some of the collection? What did you buy!? Share below!


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