Friday, February 5, 2016

Awesome Art Roundup: Harry Potter Pt 5

Howdy! Welcome to awesome art roundup! Here are the Harry Potter art gems, part five!

First off, my favorite, Art of Pan with the twins, and then an awesome gang of TriWiz competitors 

and then I couldn't help but post this, if George and Ginny got the wrong "G" sweater for Christmas

keeping with this Weasley theme we have going, I love this one of Fred & George testing out fireworks. Best watch out Umbridge! via sharadaprincess

Can I pretend that Hedwig is coming for me with my Hogwarts Letter? By sydniart

I love Hermione's concentration and the awesome colors of the fire. Also the fact that there are books in the Hogwarts library big enough to sit on...  via twiggymcbones

I thought i'd end this roundup with a little tribute to Alan, thanks for making the Harry Potter world a better place, and playing Snape better than anyone ever could.

via makkunsta

via nlmda

via ibuzooart

RIP Alan Rickman
February 21 1946 - January 14 2016

till next time,

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