Thursday, February 25, 2016

Awesome Things - February '16

I don't really know what to title this post, I've done Etsy Gems before but these are from all different places so we're just going with...awesome things...until I figure something out lol.

SO First off I kind of want to wear this kilt. Can girls wear kilts? Are they just skirts then? Either way holy crap do I love it.



my windows are suuuper drafty, and Wisconsin don't play when it comes to cold, so I'm thinking of using these door draft blockers on my window ledges. Extra points because they're on sale and look like sonics. You can buy them at ThinkGeek


JK Rowling recently debuted a line of charm bracelets that help benefit her charity LUMOS. These bracelets were released by the Noble Collection (makers of everything HP I can't afford), but you can find them here on Amazon (Prime shipping Woo!). The bracelets are gold plated and set with crystals and have three exclusive charms: a House Crest, the Sorting Hat and a Lumos butterfly. 


Star Wars has come out with a TON of new products for the Force Awakens. It's impossible to keep up with, and some lines dont really make sense to me. Exhibit A: Chewbacca Uggs?


I started a dangerous game when I figured out Disney has a ton of merch on their website that I need *cough* I mean want. This bag is adorable; I like that it's not too girly with the color choices. There are different special editions of this on eBay that have brighter colors, but this is my favorite


Speaking of awesome bags, ThinkGeek again with the win. A book to hold my books!
There's also a blue backpack version! Imma need both. 


If I hadn't just bought all new tableware, these R2D2/C3PO napkins and rings would be mine. Classy droid wear FTW, courtesy of ThinkGeek.


lastly, I blogged before about my love for the Great British Bake Off, but I just found out Ruby Tandoh (Season 4) has her own book now! She was my favorite ever so I can't wait to add this book to my collection. It promises to be easy enough for any anyone but it's the flavors she uses I'm most excited for.

Those are my awesome finds for February, share what you were lovin' on this month in the comments!
Till next time,

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