Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jams of the Week - 2/17/16

Hola and welcome to Jams of the Week!

My bff Jenna sent me some recommendations this week, and I loved all three so she's going to be my guest DJ, even if she doesn't know it yet =)
So the first song is Army by the amazing Ellie Goulding. I teared up in Stone Creek Coffee listing to it the first time; its the perfect song to describe my love for my friends. Her new album is fireeeee, go listen to it all!

Army - Ellie Goulding


I wasn't a huge fan of "Ex's & Oh's" but after listing to "America's Sweetheart" I am reconsidering my write off of Elle King. Her voice on the track really shines and it feels like an honest song from her.

America's Sweetheart - Elle King


Some days country music fits my life and other days I'm like, get out of here rednecks!
Today it works, and so I'll keep Jenna's third pick, Drake White with "Livin' the Dream", because there's nothing more 'Murican than livin' the country dream. 

Livin' the Dream - Drake White

Till next time,

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