Monday, February 29, 2016

Jams of the Week 2/29/16

This past week the new Macklemore album This Unruly Mess I've Made came out, and I love it. I chose my four picks to share with you guys this week. Firstly, I know everyone doesn't love the Mack. His music can be weird and random, but it always makes me think. Even when it's as dumb as "Thrift Shop," you at least thought about "getting tricked by a business" and spending patterns. The new album isn't perfect, but so few are. I'll take the silly and weird with the thought provoking. 

Firstly, my favorite off Unruly Mess: 

Need to Know featuring Chance the Rapper


"Let's Eat" is a gem. I love it. Daily process: 
"And I really want a donut, shouldn't get a donut/
Bought a donut, fuck it man it's really hard"
Totally accurate.

Let's Eat featuring XP


My favorite line on the album:
"I know the devil fancy me/
But that don't mean that motherfucker get to dance with me"

St. Ides


Idris Elba agreeing to be on this song is amazing. This song to me is typical silly side Macklemore, bringing us back to "And We Danced." 

Dance Off (feat. Idris Elba & Anderson .Paak)

Till next week,

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