Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jams of the Week - 3/7/2016

In general, I'm a sucker for string instruments in popular music.
This was a random recommend from the Spotify
and I fell in love with the voices, stings and words. It's lovely. 

"you called me up from the dark/
and brought me into the light"

The Hunts - Make This Leap


I wasn't expecting "Sound of Change" from the Dirty Heads.
 I just thought of them as another reggage/ska band, 
but I kind of love how they can go from this to "My Sweet Summer."

Dirty Heads - Sound Of Change

Lastly, Ra Ra Riot, so good, go check out their albums!

"Don't punish me for what I feel"

Ra Ra Riot - Water

till next time,

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