Monday, April 4, 2016

The Triwizard Golden Egg

Warner brothers has been fueling my HP crafting by posting on their "HP Wishlist" website, and this week they posted a DIY on making your own Golden Egg

Theirs looked a little...messy? to me so I decided to try and make my own, and make it a little more polished. 

I started with two sizes of plastic eggs and super glued them shut after eating the candy. Pop rocks FTW!

I tried to figure out the best way to cover the egg with foam, and went back and forth between super glue and double sided tape. The latter worked best so after I lined up the foam I taped them down. I used a scissors to cut them to fit just so.

try to smooth the foam down evenly, the tape will mostly let you re-try if you mess it up.

Once it was secure, I used a toothpick to add the images on the sides. After that I did one coat in back, and then gold to give a little depth. 

To make the top I cut out foam and basically repeated the process. I found this image online and tried to copy it. I'm not a super artist so I just did the main lines.
I mean, it's not perfect but oh well.Super glue that guy to the top and ta-da! tis done!

It's not perfect, but I love it! =)

Now to figure out how to make one that opens!

till next time,

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