Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wizard World Madison 2016

Wizard World has always been a fun con to go to in Chicago, but when I got the email that David Tennant, Matt Smith AND Alex Kingston were going to be in Madison this year I almost died. I bought tickets asap for a photo op with Matt & Alex, and freaked out for about a month until I got this dreaded email:

Commence crying. I debated spending over $300 to meet David, but my wallet thanked me when I decided meeting Alex was enough.

So the WW opened at 10:00am, and I got there around 10:35am, and I know this because my Alex Kingston photo op was at 11:30am and I walked in, saw the queue for tickets, and freaked out. Even though I pre-ordered and printed my admission ticket I still had to wait in line to get into the convention. The line moved quicker than I thought it would, but I definitely know to go earlier next year.  I got to my photo op in time to have a small panic out about actually meeting Alex.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO getting to meet Alex Kingston! Holy cow is she awesome. She told me that she had seen one other girl wearing the same coat as me and she totally loved it and then we took our picture (which thank the lord I actually smiled like a normal human for!) and then she called me curly girly and I died and went to heaven. Can we talk about how we kind of match? I love it.

Thank god for the Rivers in front of me who helped me calm down from meeting Alex. Ignore my face.

After my photo op I walked around artist alley and bought some awesome pins from HeroSquares. Every year he has something I want to buy, but this year I had to budget a little and decided on two awesome pins of Ron Swanson and the Swedish Chef.  

I seriously debated buying this mask from LisaSell, her masks are so cool, especially a mermaid one she had that fit my face perfect...sigh. Thank god for etsy so I can grab it later.

Before the panels I decided to grab some food, which I also have to give mad props to WW for. Chicago has always been a letdown (I think because of union regulations honestly) but there were a ton of options. Subway, Rocky Rococo's, and the typcial stadium concessions were all there. I ended up getting food from a local BBQ company that set up there. They had walking tacos, burritos bowls (what I got), pulled pork and some nerdy cupcakes (chewy!). Even better, the prices did not make me want to starve. Chicago please take note. 

After eating I headed outside to the arena. It wasn't super great to have to walk between buildings in 30 degree weather, but the panels were worth it. I almost never want to see panels besides for the headliner, and even then it's kind of meh, but Madison WW really had a great lineup this year! I caught the end of Billy Boyd (Peregrin ‘Pippin’ Took) 's and he was pretty funny. After him was Alex, which of course I loved. 

Favorite bits- the host asked all the panels about how much they loved cheese and Alex was like 'Oh is this the city where they wear cheese on their heads? I know where I am now!' and thank god someone asked her how she gets her hair so cool and apparently she uses the same hair products I use! She uses them 1000x times better! (Ouidad for other curly girls who haven't tried it!)

After Alex was Elizabeth Henstridge and Brett Dalton from Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I don't watch the show but they were great. Jewel Staite from Firefly was after them and then finally it was David Tennant!! 

He was adorable. The kid above he pulled onto the stage after he said he couldn't believe he was actually talking to David Tennant. They continued to have an adorable chat and I was very jealous of that 13 year old. Other bits that made me love him more: when asked about cheese he said he really just likes cheese melted on everything not straight up (I mean who doesn't), and said he other favorite foods are any type of potato and cereal. He said when hes in America he likes to eat Golden Grahams and the way he said it in his accent made golden grahams sound like the best thing ever. 

I want to be that kid. 

So after all the panels I walked the floor a bit. I got in line for this soda thing everyone was in line for. It looked cool and had no prices anywhere (sneaky) but the cups had Wizard World printed on one side, and you got free refills all day so I decided to get one. $20 later (yikes) I got the cream soda and it was pretty good. On my way out I saw they actually had two alcohol bars set up as well that I missed sadly.

I'm hoping this guy shows up every year and I can just re-use my cup...

Even with the disappointment of Matt Smith canceling, Wizard World Madison was probably my favorite con I've been to in a while. I can't wait to go back next year! Did anyone else go, what did you think?

Till next time,

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