Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Doctor Who Awesome Art Roundup Vol. 3

Hey cool kids! Today I'm headed out to New York for Comic Con, so to celebrate getting to meet Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman I present the Doctor Who Awesome Art Roundup Volume 3!

Rose and Ten, scootering into adorableness, via rennerei


From the same episode, but different artist, a little hair fluffing for that vintage feel =) via lisaveeee


why anyone would want to torture themselves with this is beyond me but its awesome and so I had to share.


thank you tumblebuggie for this, I forgive you for making me cry because you also did this adorable Eleven X Amy


Her hair is full of Gallifreyan spoilers =) This is my favorite River art of all time!
via savedher


Madam Vastra and Jenni don't get enough love, S.O to theGorgonist for this awesome print, and the following boy and girl who waited.


I've featured RaRo81 (Rosalia Radosti) on my Harry Potter roundup a bunch but now she has this adorable Twelve and Bill print that makes me so excited for the next season!


This poster for "Time Heist" is awesome by foreverclassic
"robbin' a bank, beat that for a date" 
Honestly one of the first Doctor Who episodes I saw which makes no sense.


and lastly, gotta end with Eleven since I'm meeting him finally, adorable giraffe dance in whovian sweaters by scribblywobbly =)

Hope you guys have a great rest of your week, and if you're going to be at NYCC hit me up in the comments!!! =)

till next time,

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