Monday, November 14, 2016

Doctor Who Awesome Art Roundup Volume 4

Howdy! Welcome to the Doctor Who Awesome Art Roundup vol. 4! I just finished watching episode one of the "Class" spin off so I'm in a Whovian mood and thought it was a good time to share some more art!

let's start off with a visit to my favorite Whovian artist Alice X. Zhang's newest works:

Probably my favorite ever of Twelve


"Remember Me"


"I think you need a Doctor." 
Sigh...Nine and Rose's relationship is so underrated... via aimekitty 


Arkarti has some amazing Whovian deviations but my favorite is "The Impossible Girl"


I'm verrrry tempted to buy sugarpoultry's 50th illustration. I'll be your bad influence, go do it!


"Doctor Funkenstein" by rapsag

ALSO by the same artist, "Finally someone worth talking to"


Obsessed with the style of this one, "Rose" by overflow8

and then there's this, I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING


All the Doctors in the TARDIS, wonderfully done by erich0823. There are also single prints of each!

in addition to that there are a few awesome single episode prints and other characters like Capt Jack!


I wasn't a huge fan of the "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit" episodes but I love this art of Rose&Ten from it by wondercookies


Ninth Doctor in mod pop form! via billpyle


I have to end with "Hold Me" by hazeeel because it's my favorite of the roundup. #Whouffaldi forever.

till next time nerds,

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