Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jams of the Week 2/15/17

Howdy neighbor and welcome to jams of the week!

Marian Hill is an awesome duo who's music I think I've put on here before? Other favorites include "One Time" and currently popular because of a commercial for Apple (and because it's awesome) "Down." Her voice is so special and light it draws you in. 

I Want You - Marian Hill


Current earworm:
"Would you die for this?"

Break Over You - Draper feat. Prides 


This song reminds me of Boston by Augustana in the best of ways. 

"It's time to make mistakes
It's time to move on
And shape this love
The way it should be"

California Song - Patrick James


and now to end on something completely weird and different

Wizard Wig - Chousand

kinda makes ya want to jam out while wearing a wizard wig,
juuuuust a little,
doesn't it? =)

till next time,

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