Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jams of the Week 3/11/17

Howdy and welcome to jams of the week

So I started off the week with "Dan Bilzerian" by T-Pain being stuck in my head for two days straight and then I googled that crazy mofo and was amazed and then grossed out, and then I saw a picture of him eating lunch with Trump so the song left my head like ASAP. Slightly sad because T-Pain uses fisticuffs pretty well in it...A+ for that T-Pain. So that was going to be one of my songs of the week but now I feel like I can't do that. It'd be like recommending a Chris Brown song...I can't do it

SO here are three other songs fer ya enjoyment. 

"False Alarm" I thought was Adele for a hot second but it's not. Love her Becky Hill's voice and the song.

Matoma & Becky Hill - False Alarm


This song makes me wanna dance.

COIN - Talk Too Much


Because I am so tired of life right now, and listening to this gives me energy.

MISSIO - Middle Fingers

till next time,

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