Friday, March 17, 2017

Jams of the Week 3/17/17

Hola and welcome to jams of the week. 
It's St. Patrick's day today but I am so so sick the idea of eating corned beef or drinking a beer makes me gag. I've lost my voice and every part of my head feels like someones trying to break it apart. I tried to steam some sickness out in the shower and I slipped and that's how my days been...

anyways, I have as much energy as I've had in three days and I've slept too much to sleep right now so I figured I'd share my jams of the week

Recently recommended by my pal Chloe is the show Riverdale. So far so good, and the soundtrack is also awesome. Check it out on Spotify if you're so inclined. This track was on here and I forgot how much I love Santigold. 

Santigold - Can't Get Enough Of Myself


The convo at the beginning of this song makes me listen to it on repeat and now I say to everyone
"Look around bro, look at life!"

KYLE - iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty)     aka LIL BOAT! 

"You're damn right I'm right, I can't remember a time I was god-damn wrong"
this video tho...


OK, so I'm pretty obsessed with this song / it's message. Michelle Obama would be proud. 

Grow Food | Appetite For Change


besides for the obvi Dropkick songs, this is my go to St. Patrick's Song.
Sidenote: this is the remix, but I wish it was the original because I hate hate the original which makes no sense.

Irish Celebration - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (P Smoov Remix)

till next time,

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