Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Cursed Child Play London (No Spoilers)

In October of 2015 I woke up at 4am to buy tickets to a play I knew nothing about except that it was the "8th Harry Potter." I sat in an online queue for two hours and finally got my opportunity to buy tickets. I clicked for the next best date...April 2017!! I bought two sets knowing whatever I was doing in life 18 months later I would always drop for HP.

Flash forward to this month, it was finally here!! I will admit I was pretty nervous about seeing the play in person. When the play script came out I read it and didn't feel very connected to it. I would even say I was on the verge of not liking it. So what if I had spent all this money just to be let down!?  It turns out I was worried for nothing because the play was amazing, epic, and beautiful.

The script is split into two plays, each with its own intermission, so the show takes all day to see. Our first show started at 1:30pm and the second at 6:30pm. They tell you that you have to arrive an hour early to queue in line and I stopped by the day before to ask if that was really a thing. The ticket guy assured me it was and he wasn't lying. They check all your bags and the line went around the corner to get in. It was a very fast process so we got in quickly but then there was merch to buy so we had something to pass the remaining time.

I got a sweatshirt, a tote bag, and a patch. After the first play you're able to buy the behind the scenes book (it contains first play spoilers) so I did get that later as well. One small bummer I found with London plays is no free playbill, if you wanted it it was £5. I didn't have cash so I had to skip it.

They had drinks and snacks on every level and that was helpful because after sitting for so long you need something. Speaking of sitting...ouch. I'm sure no seat is comfortable to sit in all day but they were pretty tight on the leg room. If you go make sure you take every chance you get to go walk or stretch​.

Alright, to the play itself. I'm totally team #keepthesecrets so I won't tell you too much but the way they did the magic was amazing. You might read the script like I did and think the plot was lacking or weird but it plays out much better on stage. The actors themselves are wonderfully cast so if you can try to see it before they recast this year I'd highly highly suggest it. I don't want to spoil anything else so if you have any questions hit me up in the comments.

Helpful tips and tricks:
Chloe didn't have tickets so the ticket guy said her best bet was to wait for a return ticket the morning of the play. These are tickets people bought like me very early on and couldn't end up using. The ticket guy advised Chloe to arrive around 8:45am. She did and waited until doors opened at 10am and ended up getting better seats than even we had! She paid slightly more because it was floor level but she got tickets nonetheless. She said no one else was queued up until maybe 9:20am but I also don't know how many others got to buy return tickets.

Also you cannot pick up your tickets early from will call. It's sadly part of that "arrive an hour early" business. I tried.

You also cannot bring in food or drink. There was a large box of confiscated items at the bag check. It's a bummer but at least they have options inside (alcohol included). You can also pre-order food and drinks to be ready at intermission so you don't have to queue up!

All in all, I highly recommend the play to any Potter fans. You'll be glad you went =)

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