Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jams of the Week 3/10/18

Hiya and welcome to jams of the week!
I haven't jammed in a minute because February was rough. Like knock-down, drag-out when will it end. My Grandfather passed away, Luna my hedgehog also passed away, and many other small things added up to one horrible month. I decided that March is going to be all caps !AWESOME! because you can only go up right? right. So, here are three jams that have helped me out getting out of my funk.

This song gives me the good kind of chills

Still - Seinabo Sey

(sidenote: this song was used during Cece &Scmidts wedding)


this whole album is A+

Mura Masa - What If I Go?


Tove is love.

Tove Styrke - Changed My Mind


Kate Nash is back and I am super jazzed.
Made of Bricks was always in my CD player when I was in high school

Kate Nash - Drink About You

alrighty, until next time,
kick March's ass.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Harry Potter Small Business Salute!

It's no secret that Harry Potter comprises a large part of my budget. Way too much of my budget. 
I'll be the first one in the pre-order, the queue, etc for whatever is new and happening.
Since joining the Harry Potter Instagram life I've seen so many awesome makers of non-licensed Harry Potter items that I really wanted to showcase them here. I'm going to try and be better about supporting small makers as much as I support Warner Brothers. Most of these are Etsy but a few have their own sites you can check out. 


As a barista, Punache's magically caffeinated combo of HP + Coffee made me freak, they're so cute!
It's not the first time I've seen either slogan, but the milk pitcher is the cutest one I've seen.



Ten out of ten would use this bag everyday. 
7 Books, 7 days in the week sooo....KruKru get on that ;)


ParhelionDesigns' other patches...I've got 4 of them in my cart.
Anyone who loves HP + the Raven Cycle is a friend of mine.
I've never seen a clear patch like this! Perfect for potion bottles!


Where do I begin with Fandom Flair? So many HP pins! She also has Doctor Who, the Office, Parks and Rec...etc. Pins are so hard because they're a cheaper item so you think, oh I'll just buy a few and then it's like...$100...
Here are my favorites:


Something about embroidery just makes me wanna jump for joy. It's so time consuming and also impossible for me to do with these crappy hands so my jealously level at anyone skilled enough to do that is so high. 
I would 100% buy these right now if they weren't Russian covers.
So so cute!
CastleofThread if you do them in english, hit me up.

How do you get so much detail in such a small rectangle?!?!


So many of these shops I debate how much stuff to show you. 
If I post them, believe me the rest of the shop is awesome.
Fairycakes for so colorful and fun.

She has a few classes as pins and totes, and I want them all.


Extra bonus for HP goods you can eat. 
Riddles Tea Shoppe sucked me in with the Every Flavor Tea that I ended up buying as Christmas gifts.
She constantly comes up with new bookish and Potterish flavors and cute merch.
Plus, her Instagram makes you want to stay home and read with a mug of tea, which is never a bad thing.

Kowalski's Vanilla Almond? Sign me up.


Alright I'm going to wrap this up with my favorite or I'll go on forever.

BUNCEandBEAN...I want them all. I've actually added them all to my Etsy cart before and debated how much a person needs pins. If they're as awesome as B&B's then A LOT OK!
My favorites are their HP Pin Street Collection:

PLEASE Share your favorite Harry Potter small shops! I'd love to make these regular posts here =)

Til next time,

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Jams of the Week 2/4/18

Taking a break from my super bowl commercial watching
to bring you this weeks jams of the week!

Louis is ... the weirdest memeber of 1D for sure. Still, I listen to his songs more than any other memeber. "Back to You" was in my top five songs of 2017. Miss You is my current jammm.

Louis Tomlinson - Miss You


The Glorious Sons - Everything Is Alright


"Love is you and me babe"

Luke Christopher - Waterfalls


Can I get like a reprogramming of my brain where I can dance like Chance?

Joey Purp - Girls @ feat. Chance the Rapper


OK. SO. This video has been stuck in my head. Is it a jam? I don't know...
but I can't stop singing it so I must share it with you.

Anna Akana - I have 6 cats

time to go watch Justin Timberlake and more commercials
Go eagles? I guess? 

til next time,

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jams of the Week 1/28/18

Howdy and welcome to Jams of the Week!
Hope you guys had a better weekend than me, I have the fiji flu or something.

Lord Huron is coming to Milwaukee for this new album, who's down?

Lord Huron - Ancient Names (Part I)


It's been a minute since I've loved a DC song, but this new album with "We Fight", "Belong" and this jam are so good and pretty similar to the old DC sound I love.

Dashboard Confessional - Heart Beat Here


Sorry I'm not sorry for more Bleachers on the blog.

Bleachers - Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)

til next time,

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jams of the Week 1/18/18

Hey whats up you guys welcome to the first jams of the year!

I heard this song and liked it, then I heard it everyyyyyywhere. 

So I hope that means you all love it too.

BLESSED - Fairytale


this song isn't super new but I realized I never posted it here before and it's awesome.

Mura Masa - Love$ick ft. A$AP Rocky


I love good pop music, I can't help it.
My N*SYNC youth will forever leave me loving bops.
Charli XCX is the current best.

Charli XCX - Porsche (feat. MØ)


I've been obsessed with Big Sean for a while now, 
and this last album with Metro Boomin is so solid.
This is my favorite off it.

Big Sean - Who's Stopping Me [Prod. By Metro Boomin]

til next time,

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Harry Potter Awesome Art Roundup Vol.9

What better way is there to start of 2018 on the blog than with a Harry Potter Awesome Art roundup?
I can't think of any, so without further ado leggo!

that feeling when you make a working marauders map by alessiajontrunfio
who has a wonderful portfolio of potter happiness including this shot of Harry and Lupin

a ship that doesn't get enough love

and then she makes her awesome art into cute.

This adorable bunch of Weasleys plus the unofficial Weasley brother.

Ginny & Luna love=)

I could literally post all her art. One more then I'm done, I swear...

Because their relationship was the best part of Cursed Child.


What would a HP Roundup be without Dasstark??

Sleepy babies

I would love to just hang out in the common rooms at Hogwarts.


how cute is this little Harry? Adorable


OK I want to post allllll the art by Melody Howe. It's so cute, colorful and detailed!
Please go check out the rest, they're awesome!


Karen Leopold 's HP art is amazing!
Definitely go check out her insta!
Here are a few of my favorites...


this lil Harry fills me with happiness, so I'm leaving you with him =)
Thanks wendytan!

til next time,

Friday, December 8, 2017

Jams of the Week 12/8/17

Howdy and welcome to jams of the week!
If you're a spotify user this past week we got our year in review which I always love,
and then they also made a "Ones That Got Away" playlist which was new this year.
Mine was pretty good and I discovered a bunch of new jams. If you haven't yet go look at yours!

John's voice is wonderful. This is his second jam on the blog for good reason.

John Splithoff - Show Me feat. Madison Ryann Ward


I'm obsessed with this beat. I posted "Falling" on here maybe last month by them? Def into their sound.

Whethan - Good Nights


something about Coleman's lisp...I love it.

Coleman Hell - Devotion (SMLE Remix)


This has been stuck in my head so it's joining this weeks party.

Harry Styles - Kiwi

till next time,