Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jams of the Week 1/18/18

Hey whats up you guys welcome to the first jams of the year!

I heard this song and liked it, then I heard it everyyyyyywhere. 

So I hope that means you all love it too.

BLESSED - Fairytale


this song isn't super new but I realized I never posted it here before and it's awesome.

Mura Masa - Love$ick ft. A$AP Rocky


I love good pop music, I can't help it.
My N*SYNC youth will forever leave me loving bops.
Charli XCX is the current best.

Charli XCX - Porsche (feat. MØ)


I've been obsessed with Big Sean for a while now, 
and this last album with Metro Boomin is so solid.
This is my favorite off it.

Big Sean - Who's Stopping Me [Prod. By Metro Boomin]

til next time,

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Harry Potter Awesome Art Roundup Vol.9

What better way is there to start of 2018 on the blog than with a Harry Potter Awesome Art roundup?
I can't think of any, so without further ado leggo!

that feeling when you make a working marauders map by alessiajontrunfio
who has a wonderful portfolio of potter happiness including this shot of Harry and Lupin

a ship that doesn't get enough love

and then she makes her awesome art into cute.

This adorable bunch of Weasleys plus the unofficial Weasley brother.

Ginny & Luna love=)

I could literally post all her art. One more then I'm done, I swear...

Because their relationship was the best part of Cursed Child.


What would a HP Roundup be without Dasstark??

Sleepy babies

I would love to just hang out in the common rooms at Hogwarts.


how cute is this little Harry? Adorable


OK I want to post allllll the art by Melody Howe. It's so cute, colorful and detailed!
Please go check out the rest, they're awesome!


Karen Leopold 's HP art is amazing!
Definitely go check out her insta!
Here are a few of my favorites...


this lil Harry fills me with happiness, so I'm leaving you with him =)
Thanks wendytan!

til next time,

Friday, December 8, 2017

Jams of the Week 12/8/17

Howdy and welcome to jams of the week!
If you're a spotify user this past week we got our year in review which I always love,
and then they also made a "Ones That Got Away" playlist which was new this year.
Mine was pretty good and I discovered a bunch of new jams. If you haven't yet go look at yours!

John's voice is wonderful. This is his second jam on the blog for good reason.

John Splithoff - Show Me feat. Madison Ryann Ward


I'm obsessed with this beat. I posted "Falling" on here maybe last month by them? Def into their sound.

Whethan - Good Nights


something about Coleman's lisp...I love it.

Coleman Hell - Devotion (SMLE Remix)


This has been stuck in my head so it's joining this weeks party.

Harry Styles - Kiwi

till next time,

Monday, November 27, 2017

Jams of the Week 11/28/17

You know when you type something out with a lot of care and then it doesn't save? 
I've written this post like three my motivation to re-do it has lessened and lessened.
BUT it's here! And I love these jams and I hope you do too.

I've listened to a lot of songs lately and liked them - then found out they're Matoma. 
This songs been queued up for a while for the blog.

Matoma & FRENSHIP - Knives


I feel like Labrinth makes music that you can't help but dance to.

Labrinth - Misbehaving


Vance Joy can do no wrong in my eyes.

Vance Joy - Like Gold

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving full of family, friends and delicious food!

till next time,

Sunday, October 8, 2017

New York Comic Con 2016

SO this weekend is New York Comic Con, 2017...and I just realized I never posted my trip last year...
Guys I'm A+ at remembering to do things.
I'm gunna post it now because it was such a crazy impulse trip and I had a solid time.
Also, hilariously I started it out basically knowing I was gunna post it late...high five self!!!!

Oh man, for some reason I'm really dragging my feet writing this post, even though I am super stoked about NYCC. Maybe because once I write it, it's all really over? Anyways, here is my adventure tale of 20 something hours in NY.

So last month I saw Matt Smith + Jenna Coleman were offering a photo op at NYCC and I knew I had to book tickets and go. Small problem, my window for asking off of work was very small, and it's the same week as three family birthdays at my house so I could only go for a short short time. Thank god for Southwest late flights! I left Wisco at 5pm, and got into NYC around 10pm. After a wayyyyy too long horrible Uber I got to see my good friend Andrew and crash at his hipster loft (sorry not sorry Andrew ;) ) 

Since day one of the con has been getting crazier and crazier I decided to play it safe and get there pretty early. Not as early as some people, but early enough. I ended up at will call at 9am, which was easy enough, and I was standing in front of the outside doors to get in at 9:15am. Then was 45 minutes of waiting for the doors to open, which wasn't super fun, as it was actually kinda hot outside. I think there is an inside queue but I didn't do that? Rushing in with the masses was like black friday for nerds. If you stop you're roadkill. I managed to find myself in the NYCC video, see me? I'm on the stairs!

Once I was inside I got to play assemble the shrine of the silver monkey from Legends of the Hidden Temple! My inner 90's kid was freaking out. Sadly that silver monkey is actually as hard to put together as those kids always made it look. Like, they made the back of it seem confusing so you think you're putting it together wrong. Damn you Nickelodeon. 

Hey Olmec!

The con floor is pretty big and a little confusing, but I was able to walk around before I had to head to photo ops/autographs. I saw some awesome art but didn't buy anything because I didn't have a good way to bring it back on the plane. 

One awesome part of NYCC is that it takes place at the same time as BookCon. So there were lots of big name book sellers handing out freebies. I paid for a signed copy of Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff because I only have the ARC missing some key art. If I did more than a few hours I would have dedicated a whole day to the BookCon pannels.

After some artists alley I got to check out the Fantastic Beasts booth with movie worn costumes and a spell casting area!

In the same area were Suicide Squad worn costumes, had to take pictures of Deadshot and Harley

After seeing some of the floor I headed to my photo op area. Once I got there I decided I totally did need that Alex Kingston autograph, so I got to meet that lovely lady again!! I brought my photo from Wizard World I got with her and she signed it and we had a nice chat about how horribly cold Wisconsin is. 

ALSO while in line Matt Smith was on one side of her and Jenna Coleman on the other and I got to see Matt adorably interact with a service dog. Insert heart eyes emoji here. 

ugh, he's like a puppy himself. So adorable.

While in line I got to meet a great War Doctor 

then it was the moment I had waited for! Hoorah!!! 


cue the freaking out!!!

they were very cute and awesome, but sadly they were being rushed through everyone very quickly so it was a very short interaction (definitely a down side to seeing them at a huge con). 

I love going to photo ops, because you literally can't stop smiling for what feels like forever afterward. *Sigh* They're both so dreamy. 

After that I just had a little time left before I had to jet, so I decided to check out the food offerings. There was actually a pretty decent selection. Of course there was the concession stands, but then the back side had an empanada seller, philly cheese steaks, pinkberry, and some other kinda concession like booths. I went for this Poke booth since I had never had it, and it looked good and filling. It was costly, a soda + a Poke was $12, but that seems like a better deal than a similar price for a hot dog. 

I had to take a picture of everything in it, so good!

I really wanted to hit up the Tales from Inside the TARDIS panel, but apparently at NYCC you have to try and get wristbands for panels as soon as you get there in the morning? I really wish I had known that, and it's kind of a stupid process. I was also very sad to miss all the BCC programming panels on Friday. If only I could have stayed for two days!
On my way out in my uber I saw this huge Doctor Who balloon that almost made me jump out of the car.

You can kinda see Peter glaring down at me, "stay for day two!!!!"

One last pit stop at the Star trek booth for a Live Long foam hand and trek symbol pin, and this awesome face swap. I think Kirk would also wear TARDIS earrings don't you? ;)

With that I had to head to the airport. It was a fun couple of hours and I am so jazzed I got to meet three Doctor Who stars. I don't think I'll do NYCC again for a long time,  but it was cool to get to say I've been. 

Till next time NYCC, love you too!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Jams of the Week 10/7/17

Howdy and welcome to jams of the week.
This was a rough week or two amirite?
First Vegas, then hearing about Tom Petty, and it felt like the hits
just kept on coming. So I haven't jammed in a minute, sorry for that!
Either way here are three new jams:

Avicii - What Would I Change It To (feat. AlunaGeorge)

"Forever trading places with the same old me"


Dark Honey - Stinging Nettle


Thank you Tom for your wonderful music. 

Tom Petty - Square One

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Jams of the Week 9/17/17

Howdy and welcome to jams of the week!
This week I spent a lot of time listening to "Rake It Up" on repeat for that Nicki verse, but I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the song so I'm skipping that as a jam of the week. Instead here are three tracks I'm also obsessed with.

One of my favorite movies is Stranger Than Fiction and I listened to "Whole Wide World" by Wreckless Eric for months after seeing it. Today I turned on the radio and it was playing! Only it wasn't Wreckless Eric, it was Cage the Elephant! It's a great cover and I'm jazzed for more people to hear the song.

Cage The Elephant - Whole Wide World (Unpeeled)


Lorde is love.

Lorde - Homemade Dynamite


I love Tegan & Sara and this popped up on my Spotify and became an instant earworm.

Matthew Dear - Bad Ones (feat. Tegan and Sara)

till next time,