Monday, April 25, 2016

Jams of the Week - 4/25/16

Hola, welcome to Jams of the Week. 

I like the pop/country style of this song, 
and I constantly feel like I'm in love with the idea of someone. #truelife.

Tossing Copper - The Mason


I'm a sucker for upbeat songs with sad thoughts. You have this ukulele, 
but then you have this perfect section of true life

"I'm a pro at imperfections/
And I'm best friends with my doubt/
And now that my mind's out/
And now I hear it clear and loud/
I'm thinking, 'Wow/
I probably should've stayed inside my house"

The Judge - twenty one pilots


"Everybody says that nothing ever lasts forever/
So while I'm hanging on tight trying to keep it all tied together"

The Score - On and On


and to end on an upbeat note, 

"No one's ever been given a road map/
Say "Slow down, turn here, graduate and work here/
Come and get a raise when you finish up your first year"/
No, if you're doing it, you're doing it right/
Keep it movin', now tell me what you're doing tonight/
Cause sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down/
Don't worry about anyone else"

Timeflies - Once In A While

till next time,

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