Friday, August 28, 2015

Frosted Jewelry

Do you ever start a craft and it lasts you seven years and you honestly think you might never finish it? Yeah...that might have happened with these, but I LOVE how they turned out! I originally saw the idea for these on Epbot, which is probably my favorite blog of all time. She made it look so easy, I thought I could do it in one night...

ha ha ha to that. So first I take a little trip to the store to get clay to make the fake sprinkles. You have to make them instead of using sugar ones so they don't disintegrate. So, while I'm at the store I see a cheap extruder so I pick that up too. I get home only to find the colored clay doesn't go through the extruder without me trying to break my wrists. Undeterred I rolled out thin strips, baked them and then cut them. This took me at least 4 episodes of Mr. Robot to complete, much longer than I think it would have, had the extruder worked. On the plus side I'm caught up on Mr. Robot so that's good? =)

One I had my sprinkles I cut my PVC pipes into pieces and sanded them. Luckily my dad has a nice saw and sander, so I was able to do that in a shorter amount of time. Sanding can be a little tricky getting the edges right on a thin edge. You can change up how thick you want the band to be, I think mine are around two inches or so.

Finally I could get to the fun of decorating! I found this modge podge stuff at Michael's on sale so I decided to try that for the borders instead of using more caulking. It's nice, but it isn't hard like caulk, more sponge like.

to decorate the bracelets I set myself up on a frosting station made of a hanger and two rolls of TP. Very classy! ;) it actually worked pretty well because I hung the hanger up with the bracelets on it to dry overnight.

I think it turned out pretty good! I also bought some brown to make a "fudge-y" looking one soon.

I'm hoping to add some kind of clear coat on the top but I'm not sure what kind will work best, some testing is on the list of to-do! Any suggestions?

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