Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reddit Gift Exchange: Cozy Toes, Sci-Fi, and Pens & Stationary

Hiya! I realized as Reddit sent me the link to sign up for the newest exchanges that I never posted my spring reddits! Without further ado, here are the three gift exchanges I decided to partake in. 

First up was the Ultimate Sci-Fi exchange. My redditor really liked old school horror movies and mentioned he was looking at the Funko Pops for them. So, as a Pop collector myself that was pretty easy and I sent three of the Universal Monsters. 

He didn't have them already which made me super happy, and also he seemed super happy so I'm glad I chose them.

In return from my santa I got a nifty TARDIS mug that changes color when hot water is added.


Next up was Cozy Toes, which was a slippers and socks exchange. Can I just say I never realized how hard it was to find mens socks and slippers that are cool?? The womens sections are always huge and then the guys section has like...brown and black. Dassit. So amazon was slightly helpful, and it had the best I could find. ThinkGeek had some but not in what my redditor liked. I decided to send socks instead of slippers because they're cheaper so I could send more than one thing within the $20 limit.

From my Santa I got some Doctor Who socks, HP socks, and some comfy slippers. I was pretty jazzed that I didn't have any of the stuff already (I tend to buy allll the thingsss when it comes to the Doctor and HP). They even put in a cute note and packaged it themselves, something I always regret not doing in favor of free amazon shipping. 


Last up was Pens & Stationery 2016. My redditor is a writer so I really wanted to get an assortment of stuff that would make writing fun. She mentioned she liked seafoam green and fancy pens, but fancy pens were too much $$$. I found a bunch of pens and pencils in different styles and still had some budget left for small Moleskines in her favorite color. She really liked it and I was glad because this was her first exchange!

My santa sent me some beautiful TARDIS cards and sharpies, I can't wait to use them! I might actually frame one...

Overall it was a good three. This next session I'm scaling it back to just one exchange, Harry Potter themed!

Anyone else take part? share your gifts!

Till next time,

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