Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July Bookish Box - Fantasy Review

Howdy! I received my July bookish box today in the mail today and wanted to share what was all included. After last months Classic Novels box I decided to unsubscribe to Bookish, but I was still hoping for some awesome goodies in this last box.  (You can read my review of the Harry Potter Box here

For July I didn't know the theme before I opened it, but I was hopeful based on the Deathly Hallows on the side of the box. This was the first month where the theme wasn't put on the side for me.

The theme turned out to be Fantasy! Excitedness started with a Maggie Stiefvater quote on the opener.

So the first items were a headband and a small bag of Dragon Rider coffee. I work at a coffee company so I don't really need coffee but it's a cool name. I'll edit this once I brew! The headband pattern is cool - and I think referencing The Raven King? - but look closely at the second picture.

You might notice, it says "baby"

and that's the size brain it fits - maybe! It's so small, I don't know how they expect it to fit on anyone's head =( I can't wear it so that's a bummer.

Next in the box was a tote that had a long handle which was a nice touch. The quote I had to google, it's by Cassandra Clara via the Mortal Instruments. Is it weird that I don't get the quote? Why can't I have the joy of reading and feel like part of the story?

The Tee of the month was "a single dream is more than a thousand powerful realities," which again, I had to google. It's apparently one of those quotes people think someone said but they never did? In this case it's often attributed to Tolkien, but it was from a review of Tolkien in actuality. I like the quote either way, but I don't love that it's on a plain white t-shirt. I tend to never wear white because 1.) I will for sure spill on it and 2.) Washing whites is one step more complicated than colors and I'm lazy.  I should note that Bookish now offers the box without the Tee, and I would maybe do that if I ever re-subscribed. 

Last thing in the box was a "hold the door" bracelet. I know it's a Game of Thrones reference because the internets exploded after that episode, but I stopped watching GOT for reasons explained well here.  So anyway the bracelet is cute, but I will never wear it.

This box helped me confirm that this box just isn't for me. I can think of some fellow nerds who do like a lot of the things in the box, but with this and the Classic Novels box I only connected to one item, so it isn't worth the cost. I would totally support another Harry Potter box, because I know it will be 100% interesting to me, but other than that I'm happy with my decision. 

Do you have a box you subscribe to and love? Share below!!

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