Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jams of the Weekend: 9/13/15

Hola! I hope you guys had great weekends. We had awesome weather in Wisco that feels like fall and I love it. I got my first caramel apple of the season and it was delish! Anyways the first song for the weekend, is "Weekend". Sorry for the weird frame before you play, just lookin' at those two making out, no biggie. Also can we talk about those awesome roller skating moves??

Priory - Weekend

From that party jam to a slow jam: I heard "Burning House" on the radio for the first time and I literally got chills. I love the violins at the end too. I heard on the radio she wrote this after waking up from a vivid dream that became the premise for the song. I wish I could take my crazy dreams and turn them into awesome songs. 

Burning House - Cam

Last but not least, since hearing it on the radio I cannot get this song out of my head! It's as catchy and awesome as "Can't Feel My Face", it's called "The Hills" by The Weekend. Too bad "Burning House" wasn't weekend themed....

The Hills - The Weekend

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