Saturday, September 19, 2015

Project Runway Draft Week 7

Heya. After a long crappy workday thank god it’s Project Runway time!

That is an epic boombox. I can’t believe they went through the process of putting Heidi on cassette tape.
Unconventional materials challenge! I like the tech twist. My favorite is still the flowers or the candy ones in past seasons.
These are some great 80’s special effects they’re adding here.
Hahah Tim says “Go” and everyone just like meanders over lol  they’re so over running.
Flip flop floppy disks.
Are there people watching this episode who don’t know what some of these things are? That’s sad and/or scary!
I love how Kelly is wearing safety glasses in her interviews
Ridin’ Dirty with some stolen outdated tech, file that under things the producers made them do for no reason.
I want Kelly to kill this challenge.
HAHA get it Swap!
OH MAN. Jake wants a word with Tim.
Awwwwwww crap I feel so bad. I cried. Losing your dog is the end of the world. Literally.  I would leave too. I mean wow I would cycle down in sadness after leaving the amazing PR but your dog is your dog! =(

Back to the challenge and time for Tim!
Share the fun with Tim aww he’s adorable.
Candice’s dress seems simple.
I want Ashley’s idea to work!
Kelly’s armor is a great idea, lolz at Tim using big words.
Evolve like a Pokemon Edmond!
Merline’s outfit looks like an evil villain. Make it epic.
No comment on Joe. He’s just the worst.
Laurie make it work! I love you please stay.
No muslin Swap. Make it work.

I love Swaps outfit today.
I’m glad Laurie is seeing what Tim said, he’s always trying to help them and sometimes I think designers think he’s just being critical for no reason.
I love Ashely, but for curvy girls everywhere I want here to get it together! You made it to the top 10 on season 14 of project runway! Get it!
Lindsay’s in a bad relationship with the judges.
Kelly is so epic! So, so cool!
Swap is not working too hard today. I wonder if he’ll be in the bottom and then abandon his plan to be safe.
Dang, “there’s not much I could do at this point” makes me mad because he wasted so much time and isn’t hustling!
I like so many of the looks but I also don’t know which ones are innovative enough.

Time for the Runway!
That’s quite a necklace Heidi.
I have no idea who Paula Patton is.

Swap – I don’t think the effect works.
Edmond – I love the fringe
Lindsay- I like the keys a lot.
Candice – it’s so stiff, it’s strong but simple/safe?
Laurie – seems unflattering to the models bod.
Kelly – such a cool pattern! I love it.
Merline – I like that it’s different, immunity should be used like this.
Joe – Eh. I don’t know. It’s whatever. I’m biased.
Ashely – LOVE the shape and the pattern!  Can she and Kelly both win? Yes please.

Edmond – I agree with Nina: current, modern, wearable. Creating texture is always good.
Joe – simple safe dress. Trying to pacify the judging never works, be inspired and support you ideas. Trying to be sexy just to be sexy was a dumb move.
Swap – wow, I just noticed that tape? Up close it looks a hot mess. Bad move with the muslin.
Ashley – “a dress made of memories” love, love, love it! Hold it together gurlll.
Kelly – she did so amazing on the textile, no lines are off, it’s perfect.
Lindsay – I think her biggest problem is there was no transformation to her items.
Swapniel Juice? Oh god. No thanks Zac.
I don’t think its rude Lindsay, they were very constructive. It’s literally their job.
Here comes Zac with his inappropriate touching.

Winner – Kelly!
Auf Wiedersehen – Joseph

Team Fun Nut:
Ashley +5
Candice - Safe
Marlene  - Safe
Lindsey -5
Net: 0

Team Gunn:
Candice - Safe
Laurie - Safe
Net: 0

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25, E6 +20, E7 0 = 17
Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20, E6 -20, E7 0 = -24
Same as last week due to all zeroes!

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