Friday, September 11, 2015

Project Runway Draft Week 6

Hola and welcome to week six. I was tardy to the party, and got to watching just after the first commercial. I've gathered it's the lingerie challenge, and at stake is getting to be in Heidi's collection. Whoop! I've also missed Lindsay killing her hand. Anyways, apparently it's just a flesh wound! Lindsay’s back!

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Time for talks with Tim.
Hey Heidi, I love when she comes in because she scares everyone.
Big ha ha at the blank stares from Heidi.
Captain A-tacky, sorry Edmond.
Oh snap Tim, I think Edmond is better than hookers.
Panties are hard.
Princess Blakey. Sex it up.  No one wants their boobs “dangling around”
This critique is so awesome.
"More boobs, less bra” thanks Heidi
Damn, that was a great analogy Tim. Pesto sauce, Swap.

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Is this a harem? I love this. Is Tim going to put on jammies?
Bad news: TWIST! Another piece, sexy cover-up yaassss.
Good news: more time. You can even sleep here! I love this. Someone get Candice her jammies!
“Begerly” Swap.
"Or should I use this color?" Candice does not like that Lindsay. I need a gif of that reaction.
Blake looks like princess Zelda in that sleep cap.
Can we take a vote of who actually knows what a vagina looks like?
Poor Jake’s model, she got dumped this week. She just wants to eat ice cream and instead she has to parade around in a thong.
Love Merline is the hammock.I'd pick to sleep there.

He has a pocket square FOR HIS JAMMIES
I hope Blake rolls off the runway in his sleep hahahaha with those silk sheets! Divaaaaa.

What time is Tim waking them up here?
Joe looks like death.
Lindsay’s like please go away.
Everyone looks horrible. I love and hate this challenge. Times like this I hate how hard they make it for them, even though I love it at the same time.
Holy straps Swap.
I’m not going to lie; makeup time is my least favorite time. Boring. They need to do an out of this world crazy makeups challenge.
They are all soooo behind. Give them more time PR!
These cover-ups are so sad and pathetic.
I am so nervous.

Swap - weird pulling, for me too complicated
Ashely - cute, I like the colors
Jake – Boring. Boring. Boring.
Edmond – whats with that beige patches???
Lindsay - good colors, I like the shorts
Candice – weird green top thingy, interesting garter ties
Joe - boring? Weird
Merline - nudeeeey. Too tiny cups?
Blake - those undies omg. Omg omg omg so bad those cups.
Laurie -  whats with those panties. I love the top but whyyyy on the crotch
Kellys - great fit, love it. Athletic almost?

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I really thought Kelly was going to be in the top!
Swap – showstopper for sure. I agree with Nina’s critique most, not super practical but if it’s only for bedroom fun times whatvs. Effective for runway, yes Zac.
Laurie – what I thought, love the top hate the bottoms.
Merline – I’m surprised how much they like it, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.
Jake – if it looks bad on a size two imagine a 7 or 8!
Blake – French lolz. Poor Princess Blakey.
Ashley – loves it. This Bella Thorne person is nit picking to try and be a super judge. Go away.

Winner - MERLINE WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Who saw that coming?!?! I'd post the pic, butttttt it's pretty nsfw.

Auf Wiedersehen - Princess Blakey.

Side note: we're not counting the leaving the model exposed rule this time, due to them all being exposed.

Team Fun Nut:
Ashley +5
Candice - Safe
Marlene  +5 + 10
Lindsey Safe
Net: +20

Team Gunn:
Blake -5, - 10
Candice - Safe
Laurie - 5
Net: -20

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25, E6 +20 = 17

Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20, E6 -20 = -24....whomp Sharon! we need Candice to pick up some slack!

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