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Project Runway Fantasy Draft Week 5

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Welcome to episode five recap! This episode we find out will begin with a game of paintball to get the fabrics used for this challenge. I'm enjoying Tim Gunn with a gun, so punny. Teams are chosen by two leaders, Blake gets to pick for team one first since he won last week and Candice gets to pick first for team two because Heidi pulls her from the button bag. Here's my as it happens recap from there:

So everyone has picked and Ashley and Marline are left. I too, am shocked Heidi! Ashley has proven how strong she is. Marline is also pretty strong so I’m surprised she’s last too.
I want to play paintball with Tim.
Those red bandannas are so cute.
This is kind of a stupid way for them to gather their fabric. I really think this was one of those "we have no ideas for this week so lets just wing it!" kind of weeks.
Did the girls team only have girly colors to chose from? Why weren’t there more colors?
Tim just told them to “get the lead out”. Love it
TWIST!!!!!!!!!!! The material is what you’re wearing!
Tim is killing this episode! Oh snap!
I really hope the girls pull this together. 
The Boys + Marline pick to use the fifties as inspiration. That should be easy for boring Joe.
UGH Ashley don’t let yourself get down! This episode is overwhelming me.
There needs to be a leader or an idea, you can’t just be a five year old throwing paint.
I think Amanda is going to annoy me this challenge because she’s trying to come back from being the “underdog” and Candice has decided to be her hero and help save her. Why???
At least the boys + Marline have a good team mentality, that should help.
Candice is overstepping, rein yourself in girl. Let designers design!
Tim’s here! Marline + the boys need a team name. Imma go with team fifties.
Tim again with the zinger! Be very afraid Ashley.
Amanda is like the most popular girl is schools best friend in movies, she just agrees and nods her head when Candice talks. 
Thanks Sally Nails for this needed time picking a color outside.  Why did the girls pick gold?
I feel like Jake should stop painting now. Things need to dry. 
Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, you’re killing me. If you go home for having made something you hate, it’s because you made it. That’s how this show works. Duh.
Team fifties is all the same color, but it’s kinda ugly. I need to see the pieces up close.
OK now it’s day of runway and they’re still painting! Bad idea! I can’t believe they even painted the shoes. Whoops.
OMG. Laurie thank god looking out for Ashley. I like her and Ashley. Keep it together on the runway please, please.

Time for the show!
Blake: clean, interesting line on the stomach, but I don’t hate it.
Joe: dislike the belt/ middle area.
Swap; love and hate it. Hate the bottom hem’s droop. Reminds me of a diaper.
Jake: actually like it. Fun shape and cape
Merline: I think her colors are best, and great fit.
Edmond: simple silhouette, I like it.
Ashley: weird, weird, weird.  Tim looks unhappy. What's with those ruffles?
Laurie: hard to tell the details on the runway
Lindsay: hate the pants. Like the jacket.
Candice: messy. ambitious, but messy.
Kelly: looks a little crafty/homemade costume-y.
Amanda: I like the flow of that back piece. but it's kind of boring.

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Team Fifties is the winner!
It’s nice for Edmond to say nice things about the team. 
Nice corset Swap! That’s smart.
I wonder how they’ll pick the winner for Team fifties.
Now it’s time for the ladies.
Candice let everyone speak.
YAS Laurie.
No Candice.
Don’t say there was a vision if there wasn’t. Amanda is in side henchman mode again.
You can’t BS the judges.  They know everythingggg.
Again, YAS Laurie. Mean girls vs nice girls right now.
Kelly O is really letting them have it, honestly she's not wrong.
Damn Kelly, I thought you wouldn’t say Ashley. I don’t know.
Kelly O should be a judge all the time! Too bad she messed up on fashion police with the Zendaya thing. She was very critical, but in a great way.
Blake called them mean girls! Way to go! This is the only time I’ve liked him this season.  And he’s the youngest and supposedly least mature. Wowza.

My picks: Amanda is going to go home, and Edmond will win.
Sharon's picks: -------

Winner –  Edmond

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Auf Wiedersehen – Amanda

Side note: I'm counting all of the girls team as the bottom, because the judges loved all of Team Fifties. Sharon and I didn't watch this episode together so I'm also discarding the points for predicting the winner and loser to keep it even. 

Team Fun Nut:
Amanda – 5, - 10
Ashley -5
Candice - 5
Marlene  +5
Lindsey – 5
Net: - 25

Team Gunn:
Amanda – 5, - 10
Blake + 5
Candice -5
Laurie -5
Net: - 20

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25 = -3

Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20 = -4

Our fantasy choices are going horrible! We're both negative. Get it together us! lol =)

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