Friday, September 25, 2015

Project Runway Week 8

Heya guys =) I'm glad it's finally project runway time. Why do Thursdays always drain the life outta me? thank god for Tim Gunn!

I love the shots of them in their tiny hotel rooms. I would hate to be the person who sleeps in the living room. 

Broadddwayyyy! I hope its couture! 

Thank you Mathew for noticing the womens reign!

Does he play the Johnny Depp character? I never saw the movie...

I applaud Ashelys ability to keep up with her non purple roots.

The challenge is you can do anything! ANYTHING! ALL THE THINGS!
Ashley is already out-thinking herself. 

I think I need a drinking game for every time Kelly brings up the deli she works in. 

I'm surprised so many people cried? I need to see this now. 

I'm glad their back at Mood finally! I like when they get to pick the fabrics. 

bahahah Tim - "I dream in black and white...with shades of grey"

I like when Ashley works in purple and it matches her hair

WOW everyone is going deep this challenge. I hope that makes everyone "make it work" extra hard

omg and Kelly was inspired by the bathroom walls....

I need a gif of the face Lindsay just made at the others singing.

OH GOD TIM JUST SAY IT WHAT IS IT!?! Damn commercials. 

woot! go Kelly. Truth bomb Tim, that was a real truth bomb. Make it work!

I love the way Swap says tartans.

and Candice is doing a leather outfit again...

Laurie is adorable. Except she just said tube top. 

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Why are you making gloves you weirdo. well OK, I guess Merline loves them. But then she made that noise....

I think Merline's losing her mind.


Work at 100%  Swap. Go for the win!

Kelly's could go weird but I think she cans style it.

I think everyone is overthinking it. 

If Ashley makes it work it could look very well done.

Tim is so confused by Laurie's look. As am I Tim, as am I. "beat back the old lady!"

Laurie really doesn't take any criticism. Whomp. 

I wonder if Lindsay is going to kill this challenge...I want her to do more so I can see where she's going.

Edmund - wut. Purple bubble. 

Candice you keep an eye on that white.

hahhah lets keep Tim in Kelly's fanny pack. 

Laurie's look is confusing me.

Candice looks almost done.

"What are hot pants?" bahahaha cootiche cutters whatttt I can't even spell that. 

"one-fifty" percent Swap. 

Yeah,...Lindsay you should start to sew that together. 

DO like, that jacket thingy Candice. 

This morning I feel like no one is ready. Maybe Candice. 

Laurie Laurie Laurie. omg. omg. 
OMG. It's so bad. so bad. The more I look the worse it is. 

I like how Edmond's model's makeup matches her cloud vest. Fierce. 

What they have the same birthday! Lindsay and Kelly = BFFS. 

Time for the Runway!

wut. who is that model and why is that her name. Does her name mean cockroach in Spanish?

Swap - I don't know if I like the two fabrics together
Ashley - I like the bottom (besides the hem) but the top is badddd.
Candice - a lot going on but a full look I think I like. 
Kelly - I love that green color, I think it stayed young. 
Laurie - wut. why, I don't understand.  like homeless channel
Merline- the shoulders are such a great touch to what seems a classic dress. 
Lindsay - looks a little maternity...I don't like the square top line
Edmond - what a bubble! but those pants are so nice.

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Whenever the judges talk I always align with Nina. 

Can we talk about how that top Laurie made is made from $110 fabric also?? like half her budget on that mess. 

Lindsay's dress does seem super boring. 

Candice I think did the most work and make the best outfit.

Laurie's just confuses me.

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My pick to win - Candice
My pick to leave -Laurie

Sharon's in Puerto Rico! So no picks for her =(

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Winner – Candice
Auf Wiedersehen –  Lindsay

Team Fun Nut:
Ashley - 5 
Candice +5, +10
Marlene  - Safe
Lindsey -5, -10
Net: -5

Team Gunn:
Candice +5, +10
Laurie -5, -5 for boobs and butt out!
Net: +5

Team Fun Nut: E1 0, E2 -10, E3 27, E4 6, E5 – 25, E6 +20, E7 0, E8 -5 = 12
Team G: E1 0, E2 5, E3 11, E4 0, E5 -20, E6 -20, E7 0, E8 5 = -19

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Laurie is crying at me and Sharon's lack of points. Whomp!

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